Night of the Whisper voted Doctor Who AudioGo Audio of 2013

Doctor-Who-Night-of-the-WhisperI’m always chuffed when the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine drops through the letter box, but this month I’m even happier than usual. Prepare yourself for a little trumpet blowing!

Night of the Whisper, the Ninth Doctor instalment of the 50th anniversary Destiny of the Doctor series written by me and Mark Wright, has been voted by the readers as the number one AudioGo release of the year.

Meanwhile, Who-ology, also by Mark and yours truly, came second in the BBC Books Non-Fiction poll, with Doctor Who The Vault by Marcus Hearn quite rightly taking first place. If you’ve not checked out The Vault then you really should. It really is fab!

Finally, my two-part ‘The Way Back’ article (DWM 463-463) was crowned Best Special Feature.


Thanks to the readers of Doctor Who Magazine for voting – and it’s good to see the Ninth Doctor remaining popular, especially with his imminent return!

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