New Mag Day: The A-Z of Sci-Fi Movies

sfx-a-z-sci-fi-moviesJust got back from a free days in snowy Yorkshire visiting Mark Wright and family to find The SFX A-Z of Sci-Fi Movies on my doormat.

Edited by Russell Lewin, the miscellany of movie marvels includes two articles from me. ‘N is for Novelisations’ looks at the best – and not so great – novelisations of the past, chronicling how not to write a blockbuster book of the film. In the feature, I poke an affectionate finger at a much maligned art form, revelling in some of the clunkers of yesteryear while also showcasing classic novelisations from The Abyss to Star Wars (From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker)

Later in the A-Z (well, the next letter to be honest), I turn my attention to award ceremonies in ‘O is for Oscars’. I had real fun writing this piece, looking at why genre films seem to get shunned at the Academy Awards and, more importantly, whether we should care or not. After all, does Science Fiction and Fantasy actually need the Oscars anyway?

Here’s a quick preview of the Oscars piece with a fab illo from Mark Mitchell.


Really enjoyed writing for SFX after a long, long break. You can pick up the gift-packed SFX A-Z of Sci-Fi Movies now and discover my favourite top 10 SFX-type films. Kicking myself for not listing Short Circuit II now…

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