Blake’s 7 The Armageddon Storm – the perfect Valentine gift

The-armageddon-storm-coverNeed a last minute Valentine’s pressie? Then what could be better than Blake’s 7 – The Armageddon Storm, written by Mark Wright and little ol’ me? The three-disc boxset is released today from Big Finish Productions.

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a three-part enhanced audiobook starring Paul Darrow as Avon, Michael Keaton as Vila and Jan Chappell as Cally with Tom Chadbon as returning bounty hunter Del Grant. Hearts will be warmed as the crew of the Liberator race against the clock to stop the detonation of a total doomsday device.

Forget flowers and chocolates – brand new audio adventures of everyone’s favourite cynical interplanetary freedom fighters are all you need to show you care.

Blake’s Seven – The Armageddon Storm is available from Big Finish today. 

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