New books day – The Hunted and Mama Barkfingers out now

Came home from a weekend in London to find these beauties waiting for me.


They’re my two Teen Reads books for reluctant readers published by Badger Learning and they’re out now.

I’ve talked about Mama Barkfingers before, but here’s the blurb about The Hunted:

Sally Greaves should have gone straight home. If she had, she wouldn’t be on the run with the mysterious Tyler and his young friend, Ben. She would be with her family. She would be safe.

But Sally is anything but safe. She’s being stalked by a terrifying gang. Why do they want to hurt her? Can she escape?

Will she even survive the night?

And this is what Badger Learning says:

We love Cavan Scott’s fast-paced thriller where everything is not as it seems. By trying to help her peers, Sally becomes entangled in a war between the hunters and the hunted without really knowing which side is which.

Cavan’s tense but age-appropriate content will appeal to teen students and with a word count between 4,500 and 6,000, The Hunted is perfect for those reluctant readers who are usually put off reading due to lengthy books.

Here’s the brilliant cover in close up…

The Hunted

I’m so excited to be a part of this fantastic series, which also includes titles from my buddies Mark Wright and Tommy Donbavand and well as Alan Durant, John Townsend and Johnny Zucker.

Discover more about the Teen Reads range over at the New Resources for School site.


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