My Gallifrey 2018 Schedule

I’m looking forward to my first ever Gallifrey One, from 16-18th February in Los Angeles.

Here’s my schedule for the con. There’s panels, autographs and even game shows galore!

Friday 16th February

1.00pm: Kaffeeklatsch – George Mann and Cavan Scott

4.00pm: The Past Present and Future of Doctor Who Fiction
with Peter Anghelides • Jenny Colgan • Richard Dinnick • John Dorney • Matt Fitton • Tony Lee • George Mann • Cavan Scott • Rob Shearman • Mike Tucker
A lively roundtable chat with writers of Doctor Who fiction, in novel, audio and comics form, to discuss what they’ve done, what they have coming up, and the directions the narrative will take in the future.

5.00pm: Autographs
with Richard Dinnick • Simon Fraser • Tony Lee • George Mann • Terry Molloy • Cavan Scott

7.00pm: Would I Lie To You?
with Jenny Colgan • Paul Cornell • Jamie Mathieson • Cavan Scott • Lindsey Mayers • L M Myles • Steven Schapansky
A lively Gallifrey One version of the popular UK game show where contestants have to bluff about their deepest secrets…the opposing team have to find out which ones are true.

Saturday 17th February

11.00am: The Peter Principle
with Simon Fraser • Edward Russell • Cavan Scott • Pam Buck • Sage Young
The man who has been called one of the finest actors to ever take up the mantle of the Doctor in the series’ long history is leaving our screens as of Christmas 2017, and it’s truly the end of a momentous era. This panel will be taking an extensive look at the Peter Capaldi years of Doctor Who, discussing what he brought to the role, the impact he’s left upon it, and perhaps a few words about what might be in store for the actor’s future.

1.00pm: Autographs
with Richard Dinnick • Simon Fraser • George Mann • Cavan Scott

2.00pm: The Future of Comics and the Conquest of the Silver Screen
with Richard Dinnick • Tony Lee • George Mann • Cavan Scott • David Tipton • Scott Tipton • Marv Wolfman
Comics today dominate the media… imagine that! We’ll take a look at the good and the bad surrounding the comic conquest of film and television, and where it might be heading.

4.00pm: Titan Comics – 2018 Preview
with Paul Cornell • Richard Dinnick • Simon Fraser • Christopher Jones • George Mann • Jessica Martin • Cavan Scott • Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson of Titan Comics joins us along with a panel of special guests (including a surprise or two) to talk about Titan’s current and forthcoming lines of Doctor Who comics and special releases.

Sunday 18th February

1.00pm: The Legacy of Sherlock Holmes
with Paul Cornell • George Mann • Robert Napton • Cavan Scott • Shannon Sudderth
What makes the famous detective so popular? We’ll attempt to get to the bottom of that with Holmes aficionados and writers who have penned his many adventures.

2.00pm: Autographs
with Jenny Colgan • Richard Dinnick • Simon Fraser • George Mann • Jamie Mathieson • Cavan Scott • Mike Tucker

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