Meet the villains of Star Wars The High Republic

Interviewed by Lucasfilm about Star Wars' latest monsters and marauders!

Just in time for halloween, Lucasfilm have revealed just some of the villains from Star Wars: The High Republic.

In an article on the official website, I talk to Dan Brooks about the creeping horror of the Drengir (see below for the vine-tastic concept art) while Charles Soule and Daniel José Older talk Marchion Ro and the brutal Nihil.

Here’s a sneak peek of what I say:

“The seed for the vegetation-based villains came from a sketch by [legendary Star Wars concept artist] Iain McCaig in the early days of The High Republic’s development. Iain had been sketching monsters and there was one creature that was covered in vines and creepers. It sparked off the inspiration for what became the Drengir and I quickly fired off a document outlining what could be their culture and background to the rest of the group, drawing on research I’d been reading about how real-world plants thrive and communicate with each other.”

Read more on the Star Wars website

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