Frosty the Banana-Snowman, plus the Dodger and the Codger in this week’s Beano

You can tell it’s nearly Christmas – snow has stared to appear in the Beano!

This week’s issue sees two more scripts from me.

Bananaman faces the wicked Weatherman once again, as the meteorological menace starts turning the residents of Beanotown into silly snowmen. Even Mr B gets the cold shoulder – and arm and chest and leg and…

Recently, artist Wayne Thompson and I have transformed Bananaman into all kinds of things (including a bouncing Bananababy) but I think Banana-Snowman is my favourite!


Meanwhile, with art from Barrie Appleby, we meet a new member of Roger the Dodger’s family. Well, an old member actually – his Gramps, an elderly rogue who turns out to be as big a Dodger as his grandson!


Go out and grab your Beano today – and remember, the Christmas Beano is a-coming! Woo!

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