Friday Update – 10th February 2023

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Part of the problem with behind-the-scenes newsletters is that half the time I can’t talk about the projects I’m working on. To make it easier, I posted a list of top-secret project names. Who doesn’t like classified titles? It beats saying REDACTED every other sentence. 

This week was mainly spent on Project: Second Wheel, rewriting my episode after the challenging notes I discussed in my last update. Thankfully, the new direction is so much better. It’s now back with the showrunners, and the waiting game begins all over again! Such is the freelance life! 

The only exception was Tuesday which was spent brainstorming with the director of Project: Monster in front of a roaring log fire. I mean, just look how gorgeous this is…

We have a big meeting about the film next week so wish us luck. Next week is going to be important for a lot of reasons. Various projects are falling into place for the rest of the year, most of which are new and shiny, which is exactly what I wanted for 2023. 

Family-wise, we saw our eldest daughter Chloe in her first production since starting drama school in September, a feminist retelling of Jekyll and Hyde with a fantastic twist. We were, as you’ll imagine, extremely proud parents. Chloe aced it!

So what can I recommend this week? I finished Hel’s Eight by my friend Stark Holborn and, as I said on Instagram, if you like Star Wars (and I’m guessing a lot of you do), you’ll love this uncompromising and endlessly inventive space western.

I’ve talked about The Last of Us before and, despite never having played the game, I love the new series. Last week’s episode made me cry, while this Monday’s was a masterclass on how to show two characters building a relationship in the worst possible situation. 

Talking of masterclasses, I’ve been bingeing the official The Last of Us podcast. Every week, Troy Baker (who played Joel in the game) chats with showrunners Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, breaking down the latest episode and talking through their process. There are so many gems for fans and creators alike. I’ve been scribbling copious notes, many of the lessons learned making me look at my current projects in a completely different light. Track it down on whatever podcast app you use. You won’t regret it. 

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