Behind the scenes: Upcoming project list – Early 2023

Just to make it easier to discuss upcoming projects in my newsletter and website (and taking a leaf out of Cullen Bunn’s book!), here are a list of code names for current projects on my slate. They’re all in varying stages of development, and I won’t be able to provide more details for a while, but at least I’ll have names I can use when describing how I spend my time every week!

Oh, and none of these are Star Wars: The High Republic publishing projects. Those I keep close to my chest for obvious reasons! 

  • BLOOD OF CAMELOT – The animated TV show in development with Strange Matter and Farside Features.
  • PROJECT: PROTECT – A spec pilot for a live-action TV show. 
  • PROJECT: MONSTER – A proposed animated movie currently being considered by a studio.
  • PROJECT: FIREFLY – An animated pilot script for a fantasy IP. 
  • PROJECT: DARK – A dark fantasy novel I’m in the early stages of brainstorming.
  • PROJECT: SECOND WHEEL – An episode of an animated kid’s TV show.
  • PROJECT: ISLAND – A movie currently in pre-production from Strange Matter.
  • PROJECT: ALLEYWAYS – A fantasy comic series I’m developing with a long-time collaborator.
  • PROJECT: HOLY TERROR – A horror comic series.
  • PROJECT: SNOWFLAKE – A fun little surprise I’m conjuring up for Christmas. 


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