Doctor Who Free Comic Book Day 2016 Sneak peek!

It’s just one week until Free Comic Day, and here are some sneak peeks of this year’s Doctor Who Free Comic Book Day issue.

It has four stories, including a brand new Ninth Doctor adventure with a script by myself and art by the wonderful Mariano Laclaustra.9th Doctor Preview Page

There are also adventures for the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors, from their comics’ creative teams, including Nick Abadzis, Robbie​ ​Morrison, Si Spurrier, Rob Williams, Eleonora Carlini,​ ​Rachael Stott, Simon Fraser, and more.

10th Doctor Preview Page

12th Doctor Preview Page

There’s also two variant covers available for visitors to Borderlands in the US…

Borderlands Variant

and Forbidden Planet in the UK…

Forbidden Planet Variant

Don’t forget that if you’re in London on Free Comic Book Day, you can come along to Forbidden Planet to pick up your free comics and get them signed by me, Rob Williams, Rachael Stott and Neil Edwards. 


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