Covers revealed for Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor issue 2 (plus a little bit of Penguins too!)

Bleeding Cool has just revealed the three variant covers for Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor issue 2 (plus a little more story info, which I’ll talk about just below the covers!)

First up is Alice X. Zhang’s beautiful painted cover (as seen at NYCC when the series was announced):


Then there’s the photo variant featuring good old number Nine and Rose Tyler:


Last, but no means least because it’s FANTASTIC, there’s mini-series artist Blair Shedd’s ultra-dramatic cover. Poor old Rose!


Who are the Unon and the Lect?

Bleeding Cool also reveal the more details about Weapons of Past Destruction, including the name of our two main aliens!

Don’t miss the second thrilling installment of Weapons Of Past Destruction – an all-new miniseries adventure featuring the Ninth Doctor – as played by Christopher Eccleston – along with companions Rose and Jack!

Get dragged into the Time Vortex as the Doctor and his friends uncover time-lost Gallifreyan super-weapons being sold on the black market!

Who are the cosmically-empowered Lect and Unon – and can the Doctor help stop an all-new Time War before it starts?!

Whoop! Can’t wait for you to see Blair’s designs for the Unon and Lect.

And I promised you Penguins!

The news story also reveals Titan Comics other Solicitations for April, including this little baby:


That’s the collected edition of Penguins of Madagascar issues 3 & 4, which includes Operation: Heist by me and Lucas Ferreyra.

There’s so much more coming in April from Titan including, of course, the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors and Scarlett Couture, which I can’t wait for! Check out the Bleeding Cool page for the stylish Scarlett trailer! 

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