Blake’s 7 Scimitar Round-up

b7-bigfinishscimitar1_cover_largeYesterday, Blake’s 7 Scimitar was released by Big Finish. It’s the first in the new series of full-cast audios and the first to be produced by me too!

To celebrate, writer Trevor Baxendale popped up on the Big Finish website to share his top five Blake’s 7 moments.

Meanwhile, over at Sci-Fi Bulletin, Paul Simpson interviewed me about the new series.

I’m also interviewed in the latest issue of Vortex magazine (which you can read as a free PDF here), where I give a run down of the series as a whole.

Reviews have already started to pop up, from Sci-Fi Bulletin again to Horizon, the official Blake’s 7 fan club and Starburst Magazine.

20140921094701scimitarbuild_largeAnd what about that amazing warship on the cover, created by the insanely talented Grant Kempster? Last month I shared an animated gif of how he created it over at my Tumblr site. Head over here to watch it take shape. 

And all this is just the beginning, with five more brand new adventures to come. In fact, the cover and trailer for Fortuitas by George Mann has just been released too.

Blake’s 7 Scimitar is available now from Big Finish on CD and download.




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