Blake’s 7: Blake’s Story announced

Another day, another announcement.

Big Finish has just revealed details of volume six of  Blake’s 7: The Liberator Chronicles. Out next October, volume six is set during the third season of the original series and sees the Liberator crew reeling after the events of the Galactic War. The trilogy of audio dramas also mark Stephen Pacey’s return as pilot Del Tarrant in Incentive by Peter Anghelides.

The second CD in the set is Blake’s Story written by Mark Wright and me. Here’s the info from the Big Finish website:

“After Incentive, Volume 6 takes an unusual course,” continues David, “telling the story of series three from the perspective of the missing Blake and Jenna. It’s the previously untold tale of their lives after the Liberator.”

Blake’s Story is written by Mark Wright and Cavan Scott, and stars Gareth Thomas as Blake and Paul Darrow as Avon. Beginning with Blake’s escape from the Liberator during the Galactic War, it follows his journey to being a troubled, scarred man on a distant rebel world…

I’ve been sitting on this news for months now. Blake’s 7 fans have always wondered what happened to Blake after he left the Liberator. It was a real privilege to be asked to reveal how he became the world-weary character we finally saw in the last episode of the original series. As always, the eight-year old me would never have believed he’d be helping continue the adventures of his favourite heroes!

Sadly, Mark and I couldn’t get to the recording of this one, but in a way that makes hearing it all the more exciting. I know what happens but I can’t wait to hear Gareth  – and Paul – performing the action.

Similarly, I’m looking forward to hearing Steve Lyon‘s Jenna’s Story in the same set. Steve’s written a cracking tale for the glamorous ex-space smuggler. 2013 is shaping up to be a very good year for Blake’s 7 fans.

You can read the full announcement at Big Finish and also pre-order Volume 6 of Blake’s 7 The Liberator Chronicles including Blake’s Story.


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