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I received this message from Alan Pomiecko via the contact me page of my website.

I just finished reading the Cry of the Innocents. I was intrigued by the cover, and of course the book’s content for I am a fan of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books.

I until this reading of this book never heard of you. I am looking forward to reading The Patchwork Devil soon.

I see on your website you are an author of a lot of other material. Why did you pick Sherlock Holmes stories? Were you also a fan of Doyles mysteries? Is he one of your favorite authors? And will you have more books out with Sherlock Holmes in the near future?

The Cry of The Innocents was really well done especially as one was picking up on the pace of the story near to its ending. I am a novice writer. I write, read, watch mysteries, suspense, thrillers and even psychological horror.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

Thanks for getting in touch, Alan. I’m really glad you enjoyed Cry of the Innocents.

I’ve loved Conan Doyle’s Holmes mysteries ever since I was a kid. I picked up a children’s version of The Hound of the Baskervilles and was hooked, especially when I also discovered the Jeremy Brett TV series. I used to read the stories after watching the episodes to see what they’d changed to adapt it for the small screen.

It had always been an – admittedly daunting – ambition to write my own. My friend, George Mann introduced me to Miranda Jewess, the Sherlockian editor at Titan Books. She asked me to pitch an idea which eventually became The Patchwork Devil, which combined Holmes with another obsession of my youth. I’ll leave you to read it to find out what it is!

As for future Sherlock Holmes. Well, I have nothing planned at the moment, but I certainly hope to return to the Great Detective at some point.

Thanks for your question, Alan, and I hope your own writing goes well.

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