A quick work round-up

My work has appeared in a few publications this week, so here’s a quick round-up.

Active Magazine
The Spring 2011 issue of Active magazine, edited by your’s truly, has been sent out to National Trust volunteers. This is a small, 20-page mag that I write and edit three times a year for the Trust, featuring news and tips for their army of volunteers. A low-res PDF of the recent issue is on the National Trust website. Highlights this issue include a roundtable in which a group of volunteers discuss their relationship with the Trust and an article on family volunteering at Upton House and Gardens in Warwickshire. Today sees me starting work in earnest on the Summer edition.

Book Reviews
I’m back in Countryfile magazine this month reviewing the wonderful Henry Stephens’ Book of the Farm. The May issue is out now. Meanwhile, issue 228 of Focus, the BBC’s science and technology magazine also features a book review from me, this time of When Gadgets Betray us by Robert Vamosi.

Doctor Who Insider
The second issue of the Doctor Who magazine published especially for the North American market hit the newsstands yesterday. For this issue, I interviewed former Doctor Who script editor Andrew Cartmel about his new Big Finish audio drama, Crime of the Century. The latest release in Big Finish’s Lost Stories series introduces Raine, the companion that would have replaced Ace if the series hadn’t been cancelled back in 1989. In the issue I also talk to Beth Chambers, the actress who is playing the safe-cracking companion.

Thanks to the team at Doctor Who Insider, I’ve also been able to upload the articles I wrote for issue one, including an interview with New Who Production designer Michael Pickwoad, a preview of the latest Fifth Doctor trio of adventures from Big Finish and the very first Audio Insider, previews of the new Doctor Who audiobooks, The Jade Pyramid and The Gemini Contagion.

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