A Beano Hat Trick – Minnie, Bananaman and Roger this week

It’s the last Bank Holiday weekend of the summer so it’ll probably be raining. Why not get a few giggles by grabbing this week’s Beano? How’s that for a terrible link?

Still with me? Well, here are three reasons you should buy the Beano right this minute (unless you’re in the bath in which case get dressed first.)

1. Minnie the Minx

By me and the ridiculously talented Nigel Parkinson. Minnie get invited to a girlie sleepover. OK, that’s a lie. She invites herself to a girlie sleepover. Gulp!


Oh, yes and there’s also another instalment of Zombie Teachers in the Minnie strip too!

2. Bananaman

By me and the unbelievably talented Wayne Thompson. Bananaman meets a brand new villain – Misery Guts, the clown who hates happiness. Boo hiss!


3. Roger the Dodger

By me and the stupendously talented Barrie Appleby. Roger has to get out of eating his greens after Mum puts him on a health food kick. Yuck*


Of course there are many, many other reasons to get the Beano this week, but I’m a bit biased, innit!**

* I really do like greens, honest. Even sprouts. They’re like mini-cabbages.

** Have I mastered street speak yet? No. I’ll make more of an effort in future.

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