Ninth-Doc-CoverA quick run down of my comic work in both mainstream and small press titles.

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor

Published by Titan Comics, March – July 2015

Weapons of Past Destruction  (Art: Blair Shedd)

Penguins of Madagascar

Published by Titan Comics, February 2015

Operation: Heist in Penguins of Madagascar #4 (Art: Lucas Fereyra)

The Beano

Published by DC Thompson, 2014 onwards

Regular strips include:

Bananaman (Art: Wayne Thompson)

Minnie the Minx (Art: Nigel Parkinson)

Roger the Dodger (Art: Wayne Thompson, Barrie Appleby)

Gnasher and Gnipper (Art: Barrie Appleby)


Published by Puffin, 2013-2014

The Skystones Championship (Art: Diego Diaz)

On With The Show (Art: Diego Diaz)

Disney Infinity

Published by Puffin, 2014

Toy Box Grand Prix (Art: Dan Chernett)


Published by Future Publishing, 2011 – 2012

Regular strips include:

Krash Test Bunny (Art: Dave Windett)

Nick Nitro & Booster (Art: Toby Pearce)

Doctor Who Adventures

Published by BBC Magazines, 2010

Mistaken Identity (Issue 173, Art: John Ross & Alan Craddock)

Creature Feature (Issue 115, Art: John Ross & Alan Craddock)

Something Wicked

Published by FQP, 2006

Step Right Up (Issue 1, Art: Derek Nimmo)


Published by Future Publishing, 2005 – 2006

Regular strips include:

Dr. Disaster (Art: Jason Lythgoe-Hay)

Zap Bots (Art: Abigail Ryder)

Zapboy (Art: Abigail Ryder)


Published by Future Publishing, 2004-2006

Power Rangers Dino Thunder – Game Over (Issues 6-8, Art: Andrew Wildman)

Power Rangers Ninja Storm – Starr Struck (Issue 1)



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