Pacific Rim Aftermath

Legendary | Six-issue mini-series | January – July 2018

A brand new mini-series bridging the original Pacific Rim movie and the 2018 monster sequel, Pacific Rim Uprising.

I’ve written both the main story, with art by Richard Elson and the back-up strip, I am Pentecost with art by Beni Lobel.


Star Wars Adventures

IDW | Multiple issues | September 2017

Better the Devil You Know in Star Wars Adventures # 1-2 (Art: Derek Charm)

Rey is forced to save the life of the unpleasant Unkar Plutt! Will she be able to outwit the off-worlders who have captured him? The beginning of a brand new Star Wars all-age comic.

Stop, Thief in Star Wars Adventures # 1 (Art: Jon Sommariva)

Emil Graf recounts a story about General Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Clone Wars.

The Eggs of Livorno in Star Wars Adventures 2018 Annual (Art: Mauricet)

Jaxxon the Lepi returns to a Galaxy, Far, Far Away in a brand new story that sees the hapless smuggler on a mission for the Rebel Alliance.

Hunter vs Hunted in Star Wars Adventures Free Comic Book Day (Art: Derek Charm)

Young Han Solo and Chewbacca are on the run from vicious bounty hunters 4-LOM and Zuckuss.

Powered Down in Star Wars Adventures # 10-11 (Art: Derek Charm)

Still on the run from bounty hunters, the Millennium Falcon splashes down on a planet where no technology works. 

Pacific Rim Amara

Legendary / LINE webtoon | 10-episode web comic | March to April 2018

Co-written with Zhang Ran, and with art by Big N, a ten-part prequel to Pacific Rim Uprising.

As the Kaiju Wars rage on, Pacific Rim: Amara follows the young heroine whose life shattered when she is orphaned during a devastating monster attack.

Fighting to survive as her city is destroyed, she finds shelter with a grumpy mech-inventor named Kai and his closest companion, Hannah.

The trio forms an unlikely family in the aftermath of the invasion, looking out for one another and scavenging old mech parts to build their very own Jaeger, a pilotable giant robot with the power to protect Amara from the monsters that took everything from her.

Ali-A Adventures: Game On

Penguin Books | Graphic novel | October 2017

Co-written with Ali-A, Art: Alex Sotirovski

It’s launch time for the hotly anticipated video game Alien Liberator 2, and who better to invite along than top gamer Ali-A? Ali is promised the biggest game launch ever – but what he doesn’t count on is just how real the action is about to get!

When a merciless band of aliens turns up to spoil the party, it’s up to Ali to transform from gaming icon to real-life hero. Can he defeat the end-of-game boss and save the day? With a little help from his fans and a very special dog named Eevee, he’s going to give it his best shot!

Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension

Titan Comics | Summer Event | August 2017

Alpha Issue (Co-written with George Mann. Art: Rachael Stott)
Ninth Doctor Special (Art: Adriana Melo & Cris Bolson)

“Anchored by two of Titan’s consistently entertaining Who writers and, for my money, the definitive artist of Peter Capaldi’s comic tenure, Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension is an explosively fun start to Titan’s latest multi-Doctor crossover adventure.” Newsarama

TEKKEN: Blood Feud

Titan Comics | Four-issue mini-series | Launched May 2017

A new four-issue mini-series set in the TEKKEN universe. With art by Andie Tong.

“A Raucous Good Time.” Comicbook

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

IDW Comics | 8-page story | On sale May 2017

Frontier Medicine in Star Trek Waypoint # 5 (Art: Josh Hood)

Dr. Bashir faces up to his duties in a story set weeks after Emissary.

“Scott gets so much right in his first story that it makes me wonder why this is his first story for IDW. He gets Star Trek and understands the characters so well and captures what makes us love them in the first place.”

“Characters that makes it feel like it was plucked from a long lost episode.” Adventures in Poor Taste

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor

9D_Ongoing_01_Cover_C - Adriana Melo

Titan Comics | Ongoing series | Launched April 2016

A brand new ongoing series starring the Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness.

Issues 1-3: Doctormania – Art: Adriana Melo.
Issues 4-5: The Transformed – Art: Adriana Melo / Cris Bolson
Issues 6-8: Official Secrets – Art: Adriana Melo / Cris Bolson
Issues 9-10: Slaver’s Song – Art: Adriana Melo
Issues 11-12: Sin Eaters – Art: Cris Bolson / Adriana Melo
Issue 13: Secret Agent Man – Art: Cris Bolson
Issues 14-15: The Bidding War – Art: Cris Bolson / Adriana Melo

“Writer Cavan Scott uses the conceit of time travel with great deftness… Super Enjoyable.” CBR

Vikings: Uprising

Titan Comics | Four-Vikings_Uprising_1_Cover_Cissue mini-series | September-December 2016

Uprising (Art: Daniel Indro)

Ragnar and Lagertha return from the disastrous events of Paris to find their land threatened from within. A charismatic Irish slave is leading an uprising, which will set Viking against Viking. With blood flowing freely, Lagertha searches for guidance from the gods, while Ragnar struggles with failure and addiction. Can Lothbrok survive yet another challenge to his throne, while his former wife takes up arms to bring the bloody rebellion to an end?

“Cavan Scott understands this world, and he writes the characters how we already know them, but also adds brand new dimensions.” That’s Not Current 


Doctor Who: Supremacy of the Cybermen

Titan Comics | Five-Supremacy_of_Cybermen_1Aissue mini-series | June-November 2016

Godhead (Co-written with George Mann. Art: Mariano Laclaustra)

This year’s Doctor Who summer event from Titan Comics.

The Cybermen have conquered time and the Doctors are cut off from each other fighting a different threat in each era of the new Cyber-Empire.


Vikings: Godhead

Titan Comics | Four-Vikings 1_Cover A by Shane Pierceissue mini-series | April-July 2016

Godhead (Art: Staz Johnson)

From the chronicles of the History Channel’s truly epic series Vikings comes a new saga of glory and plunder! Ragnar, Lagertha, Rollo, and their legendary kin sail once more for England and run straight into a shield wall of politics, intrigue, betrayal and, of course, axe-wielding, blood-spraying, sword-swinging combat!

Doctor Who: Free Comic Book Day 2016

whonormal.jpg.size-230Titan Comics | 6-page story | March 2016

Hacked (Art: Mariano Laclaustra)

The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack face a graffiti artist who can hack entire planets.


Penguins of Madagascar

Penguins_1_1Titan Comics | Four issue mini-series | March-June 2015 

Elite-est of the Elite (Art: Lucas Fereyra)

An army of robots threatens to take over the world – and only our four feathered friends can stop them!

Vertigo Quarterly: SFX

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 23.27.27Vertigo | 8-page story | January 2016

Not with a Bang in Vertigo Quarterly: SFX # 4 (Art: Nimit Malavia)

Part of the sound-effect based anthology, Not With A Bang tells the story of future London, where a young man makes the biggest decision of his life.

For more info, click here.

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor

12D_16_Cover_ATitan Comics | 28-page story | December 2015

Relative Dimensions in Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #16 (Co-written with George Mann. Art: Mariano Laclaustra)

It’s the 2015 Doctor Who Holiday Special! When a mysterious Christmas card materializes on the TARDIS console, Clara and the Doctor are pulled into an interdimensional adventure of astoundingly festive proportions! Packed with impossible sights and nigh-insurmountable stakes.

Doctor Who: SDCC 2015 Twelve Doctor Exclusive Comic

12th-Doctor-SDCC-cover-ATitan Comics | One Shot | July 2015

Selfie (Co-written with George Mann. Art: Rachael Stott)

When the Twelfth Doctor and Clara turn up at San Diego Comic Con, a quick selfie outside the TARDIS reveals an alien threat among the con-goers and cosplayers! The green-skinned Lady of Neverness can only be viewed through mirrors, photos and quantum snapshots, and has turned up in the background of photos all over the convention! But if enough people view her at the same time, she’ll gain the power to breach into our dimension… to feed on the life-force of the whole planet! Can the Doctor and Clara defeat her and save the day?

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor

Ninth-Doc-CoverTitan Comics | Five issue mini-series | April – September 2015

Weapons of Past Destruction  (Art: Blair Shedd)

Leaving World War II behind, The Ninth Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack discover that Time Lord technology, lost in the wake of the Time War, is being sold on the intergalactic black market!

Now the threat of a NEW temporal war brews on the horizon. Can the Doctor stop history repeating itself?

Penguins of Madagascar

Penguins-Of-Madagascar-4-coverTitan Comics | 22-page story | February 2015

Operation: Heist in Penguins of Madagascar #4 (Art: Lucas Fereyra)

Treasures are going missing all over London Town. Is Clepto the Magpie behind the robberies – and why is Rico acting so odd?


Adventure Time

Adventure-Time-Egg-cellent-AdventureTitan Comics | 8-page strips | 2015

Don’t Be A Nut, Be A Donut (Issue 24, Art: Braden Lamb)
Finn finds himself the subject of hero worship.

An Egg-Cellent Adventure (Issue 21, Art: JJ Harrison)
Finn and Jake climb a magical mountain and find a clutch of mystical eggs.

Swap or Not (Issue 20, Art: Zachary Sterling)
One of Princess Bubblegum’s experiments swap Finn and Jake’s abilities.

The Beano

IMG_1517DC Thompson | Weekly strips | 2014 – Present

Regular strips include:

Bananaman (Art: Wayne Thompson)
When Eric Wimp eats a banana an amazing transformation happens, because Eric is Bananaman!

Minnie the Minx (Art: Nigel Parkinson)
Minnie the Minx is the toughest girl in Beanotown – and anyone who says otherwise better watch out!

Roger the Dodger (Art: Wayne Thompson, Barrie Appleby)
If there’s hard work to be done, you can rely on Roger the Dodger to find a scam to get out of it.

Gnasher and Gnipper (Art: Barrie Appleby)
Beanotown’s most menacing mutts are back.

Bash Street Kids (Art: David Sutherland)
The most infamous class in the land – Danny, Sidney, Toots, ‘Erbert, Wilfred, Fatty, Spotty, Plug and Smiffy.


Skylanders-comicsPuffin Books | 4-page strips | 2013-2014

On With The Show (2015 Annual, Art: Diego Diaz)
The Skylanders take to the stage while evil Mesmerelda pulls the strings.

The Skystones Championship (2014 Annual, Art: Diego Diaz)
As the Skylanders gather for the Annual Skystones Championships, the Chompy Mage is ready to strike.

Disney Infinity

Puffin Books | 4-page strip | 2014

Toy Box Grand Prix (2015 Annual, Art: Dan Chernett)
It’s race-day in the Toy Box, but will all the contenders play fair.


Nick-nitro-blow-offFuture Publishing | Humour strips | 2011 – 2012

Regular strips include:

Krash Test Bunny (Art: Dave Windett)
Meet the world’s newest super-spy. It’s just the same he’s also the clumsiest crash test bunny!

Nick Nitro & Booster (Art: Toby Pearce)
A boy and his alien dog save the world by the power of the parp.

Doctor Who Adventures

creature-featureBBC Magazines | 6-page strips | 2010

Mistaken Identity (Issue 173, Art: John Ross & Alan Craddock)
The 11th Doctor and Amy are being hunted by a shape-shifting criminal.

Creature Feature (Issue 115, Art: John Ross & Alan Craddock)
The 10th Doctor has landed in the middle of an alien invasion. Or has he?

Something Wicked

Step03AssemblywebFQP | 5-page strip | 2006

Step Right Up (Issue 1, Art: Derek Nimmo)
The circus is in town, but are the exhibits in the freak show fact or fiction?



ZAP05.comic_robotsFuture Publishing | Humour strips | 2005 – 2006

Regular strips include:

Dr. Disaster (Art: Jason Lythgoe-Hay)
A wanna-be super-villain is foiled by his greatest foe – his interfering mum.

Zap Bots (Art: Abigail Ryder)
The Zap Stations resident robots take a terrifying trip back through time.

Zapboy (Art: Abigail Ryder)
Meet the hero who can absorb the powers of video games for the win!


JET06.comic.gamoverFuture Publishing | 8-page strips | 2004-2006

Power Rangers Dino Thunder – Game Over (Issues 6-8, Art: Andrew Wildman)
The Power Rangers must play the game of Mesaggog.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm – Starr Struck (Issue 1)
A new singing star raises an army of fans against the Power Rangers.