Writing the Bash Street Kids in this week’s Beano

It’s time for my weekly Beano-plug and this week I’m literally writing Plug.

The latest issue features my first ever Bash Street Kids strip, working with David Sutherland. The word legend gets bandied around a lot, but truly applies to David. He’s been drawing the Bash Street Kids since 1962, and so was the artist when I was growing up. He’s also the Bash Street artist my daughters know too. How fantastic is that? Working with him has been an absolute honour.

Here’s how the strip kicks off…


Of course, I am only a caretaker at Bash Street School, standing in for a few weeks while regular writer Tommy Donbavand recovers from his recent courses of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Tommy is a good mate who is going through a torrid time at the moment. You can visit his site, and find out how to support him, over at his website, TommyVCancer.

Meanwhile, in other news, Minnie decides to join the school band (with art by Nigel Parkinson)


And Bananaman is confounded once again by Banana-woman (art by Wayne Thompson)

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Find out what happens in all three stories, plus a lot more, in this week’s Beano.



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