Script: Cavan Scott

Pencils: Jose Luis

Inks: Jonas Trindade

Colours: Carlos M. Mangual

Cover: Jamal Campbell

Variant cover: Kael Ngu

1:25 Variant cover: Junggeun Yoon

Editor: Michael McAlister

Publisher: DC Comics

The original brief for this series was for a 14-part web comic that would run 10-12 pages per week and feature the comics equivalent of the team seen on the Titans TV show. It also had to be ‘canon-adjacent’, so operating within the DC Comics Universe but not slaved to what is happening to the characters in other books.

Everything changed when, just prior to publishing, it was decided to put out Titans United as a regular book, combining the parts into regular 24-page issues. The first six parts, now making up issues one through three, had already been written, but from issue four I could write them as standard issues, which meant I could finally make use of spreads!


“From start to finish, the issue is an amazingly fun read.”

“We can’t stress enough how accessible Cavan Scott’s version of the Titans is. Combined with Jose Luis’ art, this is a perfect comic for new and lapsed readers as well as hardcore DC Comics fans.” Comic Source.


Collected Editions