Vienna series two is out right now, people! This is not a drill!

Vienna-2-coverThe galaxy’s most glamorous assassin is back – although this time she’s found herself where she never thought she’d be – on the right side of the law.

Big Finish released Vienna series two yesterday. As I’ve mentioned before, the series stars Chase Masterson and Samantha Béart as Vienna Salvatori and her new partner Jexie Reagan. Series two features three full-cast audios, Tabula Rasa by James Goss, Underworld by yours truly and The Vienna Experience by series creator Jonny Morris. It’s also my first series as producer, and with John Ainsworth directing.

You can pick up the boxset on CD or download at the Big Finish website.

Vienna meets The Flash

The Nuclear ManPlus, as if we’d planned it, the release coincided with Chase’s appearance on one of my favourite superhero shows currently on TV, The Flash.

Check out this interview with Chase on where she talks about the scarlet speedster, Star Trek and, of course, Vienna.

Vienna on Vienna

If you need more info about the series, then here’s Chase herself introducing the stories in this month’s Vortex magazine.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 14.35.10Tabula Rasa
James Goss gives Vienna a whole new life; in fact, he creates a world where no one is who they seem – because they’ve paid a price to stay in a Personality Hotel, where they can be anyone they want. It sets up the relationship between Vienna and Jexie, and gives Vienna some moments of true vulnerability, when she needs all the help she can get. It says important things about social climbing – wealth with an absence of values – a topic I’m pretty vocal about, myself. And all the while, it’s funny. Keeps you laughing. You know how few writers are able to do all that? Goss does.

Cavan Scott gives us a wild ride in Underworld, an action-packed episode in which the stakes are extremely high – but also one which is packed with strong relationship moments. It’s stories like these where you really get attached to the characters. So, I’m warning you, resistance is futile. We learn more about Jexie – also a very strong woman with built-in vulnerabilities. There are powerful themes of friendship and betrayal. And we get to meet some brilliant new characters (Screeder is my personal fave). Twisty-turny action, plus great characters, equals must-hear fun. It’s a combo plate not many writers can serve up, and Cavan does it and more.

The Vienna Experience
As Jonathan Morris did so deftly with Deathworld in series one, he wraps up series two with a twisty-turny, non-stop adventure, The Vienna Experience. A master at weaving solid, real-life issues in with imaginative, futuristic circumstances, Jonny poses questions about the sanctity of privacy, the power of wealth – and the fun of two smart, kick-ass women showing who’s boss. At the risk of saying too much here, I’ll tell you that the episode turns pretty much everything on its head – you’re probably gonna wanna hear the whole trilogy again once you finish.

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