Victorian Dinosaurs and Pizza Planets: Another Patron of Reading visit to Air Balloon Primary School

Air-balloon-windowToday I spent another great Patron of Reading day at Air Balloon Hill Primary School.

This time it was the turn of Year 3, working with Saturn, Titan, Neptune and Jupiter classes to dream up crazy story ideas.

The four classes came up with 20 different story ideas.

In total, we visited:

  • A waterpark on the moon.
  • Mars during a dragon attack.
  • A LEGO City under the (plastic) clutches of a dastardly supervillian.
  • A jungle inhabited by Victorian dinosaurs.
  • A monster planet in the future.
  • An Ice Age volcano.
  • The pages of a magic book.
  • Inside a computer game.
  • A restaurant where dinosaurs lunch on children.
  • The microscopic world beneath our feet.
  • A swimming pool in space.
  • An underground mine populated by intelligent diamond trees.
  • A ruined Transformers factory on Mars.
  • A tribe of cavemen living on a planet made of popcorn (salted, in case you were wondering!)
  • A giant pizza in space. (Yum!)
  • A viking ice mountain.
  • The sun.
  • Not one but two candy kingdoms.

And last, but no means least:

  • A planet shaped like a huge bottom!
All those different ideas came from just four simple questions, which shows how creative the pupils at Air Balloon are! Well done to all of my story tellers!

I’ve also left a book challenge. I’ve asked the pupils to seek out the grossest facts they can find in the school library or their books at home. You can see my own gross fact on my latest video on the school website, and I’m looking forward to being grossed out by the kids! Go on Air Balloon, really make me squirm!

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