Update 6th December – Tempest Runner script book, fan art plus volume two of Star Wars: The High Republic

Hello there!

It’s December! Fa-la-la-la-la and all that jazz. Our tree is up and I’ve been playing Christmas LPs non-stop. (OK, I maaay have started that mid-November. The one that has been getting the most air-time is Count Basie’s A Very Swingin’ Basie Christmas. It’s a classic!)

But enough of the Christmas tunes. Grab yourself a mince pie and we’ll jump straight into my latest update.

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In my last update I mentioned how my wife and youngest contracted Covid, but I’m pleased to say both have now recovered and are out of isolation. I had my booster vaccine on Tuesday last week and it knocked me for six. I felt awful the following day, but its worth it knowing that I’m now protected. In fact, I am still waiting for my super-powers to manifest. Any minute now…

Work-wise, since I last wrote one of these updates, I completed and submitted issue 13 of Shadow Service, wrote the first issue of a new project for DC Comics, plus another Frankie Stein strip for Monster Fun and brainstormed ideas for an animated TV series I’ve been invited to write for. I also spent the majority of the last week working on material for Phase II and Phase III of Star Wars: The High Republic.

I did I did have some sad news in that a trip to Los Angeles that I was planning to make in early January has had to be cancelled due to worries about Covid, which was a bit of a kicker, but better safe than sorry, plus the time I’ve saved on that is going to come in handy as I can get a head start on a couple of projects for 2022.

2022! That sounds so weird to say!


  • The big news is that Lucasfilm have announced that my Star Wars: The High Republic audio original, Tempest Runner, is to get a hardcover script book release on 1st March 2022.

    Check out the story on the Star Wars website for more details.



Story adapted by Cavan Scott | Art: José María Beroy | Assisted by: Carles Esquembre | Letters: Jimmy Betancourt of Comiccraft | Editor: David Leach

From the original libretto of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s world-famous, multi-award-winning musical that has been playing continuously around the world for over 33 years comes this fully authorised graphic novel adaptation.

In 1881 the cast and crew of a new production, Hannibal, are terrorised by the Phantom of the Opera, a mysterious, hideously disfigured man who lives beneath the Paris Opera House. Hopelessly in love and obsessed with one of the chorus singers, the Phantom will stop at nothing to make her the star of the show, even if that means murder.

Click here for a preview!


Script: Cavan Scott | Artists: Ario Anindito & Georges Jeanty | Inks: Mark Morales & Karl Story | Colours: Annalisa Leoni | Letters: Ariana Maher & Joe Caramagna | Cover Artist: Phil Noto | Editors: Mark Paniccia and Tom Groneman.

As the galaxy prepares to celebrate the Republic Fair on Valo, a fierce battle rages in the depths of Wild Space – and the Jedi of Starlight Beacon must join forces with their most feared enemy to face the terror of the unstoppable Drengir horde! And as Avar Kriss and her new allies fight nightmarish creatures on a harsh lava world, young Jedi Keeve Trennis puts everything on the line to save her former master from the darkness! Meanwhile, who – or what – is the Great Progenitor? And will the Jedi find other forces at work on the Drengir’s deathworld? Plus: The villainous Nihil may be in retreat…but they cast a long shadow!

Guest-starring Cohmac Vitus, Reath Silas and Orla Jareni, Jedi Wayseeker, from the blockbuster novel Star Wars: The High Republic – Into the Dark!


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