The LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2020

"Christmas in the Stars. Christmas in the Stars!"

It’s that time of year again, when I get far too excited about the LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar.

Actually, scratch that. I get EXACTLY the right amount of excited about the LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar. As always, I will be chronicling the various builds and minifigs over on instagram and twitter, but this year I thought I’d also gather them here in one handy post, which I’ll update every day.

This is where the festive fun begins…

1st Dec 2020 – The RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptor!

I love this ship, especially how the colours echo the Jedi Starfighters.
Advent has officially begun!

2nd Dec 2020 – Poe Dameron!

Actually, should that be Life Day Poe Dameron? Ahhh, who cares, ‘cos everyone’s favourite Resistance Pilot / General is rocking an awesome festive jumper, complete with an adorable BB8 motif. Work it, Poe!

3rd Dec 2020 – Lars Homestead!

Heading to Luke’s home for the holidays. This is a cracking little build, so recognisable in such a small scale. Nice work LEGO!

4th Dec 2020 – Luke Skywalker!

Continuing the LEGO Holiday Special theme, here’s Tatooine Luke complete with macrobinoculars! Got a few similar minifigs to this over the years, but you can never have too many Lukes!

5th Dec 2020 – The Razor Crest!

The LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is playing with my emotions today by getting me to build this after yesterday’s episode! The Mandalorian’s signature gunship is nicely detailed & almost as tricky as the main set. 

6th Dec 2020 – TIE/dg Starfighter!

Part of Palpie’s Sith fleet in Rise of Skywalker. I’m a sucker for TIEs but prefer the TIE Dagger name in Pablo’s Visual dictionary. 

7th Dec 2020 – Sith Trooper!

Now I already have a few Sith Trooper minifigs from other sets, but I’m not complaining. I unashamedly love this design of stormtrooper plus, when it comes to the minifigs, the level of detail on the printing is insane (most of which my iPhone camera couldn’t pick up!) Also, red is just more Christmassy isn’t it? 

8th Dec 2020 – Red Five!

That poor TIE Dagger doesn’t stand a chance not with Luke (or latterly Rey) at the controls! Use the Force! 

9th Dec 2020 – Rey!

Rey! The hero of the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special ready to train Finn as her padawan. We watched the special at the weekend and my youngest loved it! Watch it if you haven’t had a chance yet for some Life Day joy!  

10th Dec 2020 – D-O!

Not exactly a lot to construct today, but I love this festive little fellow. One of my favourite LEGO builds of this year has been the main D-O set I built with my daughter, so happy to see  him roll into the Advent Calendar. 

11th Dec 2020 – Millennium Falcon!

It’s the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy! And, in fact, I think this is the best, most recognisable, Falcon that we’ve had in a LEGO advent calendar. Punch it! 

12th Dec 2020 – Porg!

12th Dec 2020 – Porg! Fact, you can never have too many LEGO porgs… although I couldn’t resist adding a prop to today’s photo. (You can see the pinless porg portrait over on my instagram!)

13th Dec 2020 – Consular-Class Republic Cruiser!

Heading back to the Phantom Menace today. I’ve always loved the way this ship harkens back (or should that be forward) to the Episode IV’s blockade runner. Nice little build this. 

14th Dec 2020 – Battle Droid!

Roger Roger. ‘Nuff said.

15th Dec 2020 – Lucrehulk-class Battleship!

The builds in this year’s calendar just keep get better. This one is so simple and yet so recognisable! 

16th Dec 2020 – Podracer!

So, story time… A long time ago, I worked on T3 magazine and had one of my best days ever when a box arrived featuring the brand new LEGO podracer sets long before their release. I was told to go straight home and build them for a photo shoot the next day. I was out the door in minutes!

17th Dec 2020 – DUM-Series Pit Droid!

We’re still in prequel territory although, of course, these fellas have recently turned up in the Mandalorian too. Cute little build this one. 

18th Dec 2020 – Snowspeeder!

It’s the 40th Anniversary of Empire Strikes Back… of course we’re going to head to Hoth as we get near Christmas! And this micro T-47 is ridiculously cute!

19th Dec 2020 – Timmy the Red-Nosed Tauntaun!

Last year my favourite build was the mynock (who has remained on my desk ever since) but this little fella might take that crown. I hope the poor soul’s being allowed to join in any Tauntaun games. 

20th Dec 2020 – Hoth Shield Generator!

This took me far too long how to build it for such a simple little model. Not my favourite build so far, but interesting to see how they achieved it on such a micro-scale. 

21st Dec 2020 – Gonk Snowdroid!

Possibly the most bizarre creation ever in a LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. That carrot placement is… well, it’s special.  

22nd Dec 2020 – Stormtrooper!

A classic!

23rd Dec 2020 – Vader’s Castle!

Today’s micro-build is a work of genius that is very dear to me and has played a huge part of my life for the last few years! Now I was to write a Life Day on Mustafar story! Hello? IDW? 

24th Dec 2020 – Darth Vader!

The Dark Lord of Sithmas has arrived. Watch out, he’ll be under your tree feeling your presents. 

Thank you to everyone who has been opening the doors with me. I hope you have a safe and peaceful Christmas. 

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