Take a sneak peek inside Doctor Who The Ninth Doctor #1

The wait is nearly over. Doctor Who The Ninth Doctor #1 hits comic stores next Wednesday, 13th April, so here’s a sneak peek inside the issue.

Before that though, we have few retailer exclusive covers to show off. Don’t worry – Adriana Melo’s interior art is worth the wait!

First up, there’s Alien Entertainment’s Photo variant:


And AOD Collectables John Lennon-inspired variant by Simon Miles:


Plus, Blair Shedd’s dapol-tastic action figure variant for Diamond UK!


OK, time for our internal artist’s amazing work. Here’s that sneak peek of the first three pages…




And so there you have it! How about that multi-eyed beastie? Love it! I’ve had that first page as my lock screen on my iPad for months and haven’t been able to show it to anyone!

Don’t forget, issue 1 of the ongoing Doctor Who The Ninth Doctor is out next Wednesday!





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