Star Wars Ties Podcast Interview

The hosts of Star Wars Ties recently invited Cavan on their podcast to discuss Dooku: Jedi Lost, Star Wars: Adventures inWild Space, his writing process, and his love of all things horror.

Here’s the episode description:

In this early morning recorded episode of Star Wars: TIES Lando Fett & Jay-2S0 get the privilege of interviewing Cavan Scott!

Cavan = is the author of the Star Wars Adventures series of comics in the IDW publishing, the author of the Adventures in Wild Space middle-grades book series, the author of the audiobook Dooku: Jedi Lost, and the author of the Tales From Vader’s Castle Comics we are reviewing for our Star Horrors theme! You as listeners are in for a real treat! Landon and J-2S0 were able to ask about his love of the horror genre, how he began writing Star Wars and much more.

Tune in for some cosmic chit-chat from two sides of the “Pond” while sharing a Cavan Scott recommended heavy caffeine latte blue milk!

Listen to the full interview now

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