Star Wars: The High Republic – The Great Jedi Rescue

The perfect introduction to the High Republic for your younglings

The High Republic starts today! As well as Charles’s ace Light of the Jedi and Justina’s awesome A Test of Courage you can also pick up The Great Jedi Rescue, my short retelling of the Great Disaster for young readers.

This 24-page picture book features incredible art by Petur Antonsson and, best of all, stickers of all your new favourite Jedi including Burryaga the Wookiee Padawan!

My author’s copies arrived this morning and I couldn’t resist placing one of them beside my old tatty copy of The Mystery of the Rebellious Robot. Back in 1979 this picture book would have introduced so many young readers to what would grow into the Star Wars Expanded Universe. I am so pleased we’ve brought back the format for The High Republic.

It’s fantastic to think that this little book might spark a love of Star Wars books in the next generation of readers!

Star Wars: The High Republic – The Great Jedi Rescue
is available now

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