Star Wars: Life Day Treasury

Christmas in the stars!

Life Day has come early this year with today’s release of Star Wars: Life Day Treasury, a collection of festive stories from a galaxy far, far away.

Published by Disney Press in North America, this 192-page anthology contains eight stories written by me and my buddy George Mann with beautiful illustrations by Grant Griffin.

Just look how gorgeous it is…

Here’s the book’s blurb:

Cozy up with this collection of holiday-themed midwinter stories from throughout the galaxy far, far away!

From George Mann and Grant Griffin, the same team that brought us the stunning Star Wars: Myths & Fables and Star Wars: Dark Legends–with the addition of best-selling author Cavan Scott–this collection of eight myths and fables told around winter fires and high-tech heating pods across the galaxy will bring holiday joy to young and old Star Wars fans alike. From Jedi in the city to Ewoks in the forest, from Wookiees to droids, in this charming collection you will find holiday feasts, ghostly apparitions, snowy adventures, and much more. Ultimately these are stories of hope in the darkest of days. Of family, found and otherwise. Of kindness. And of love.

For those who don’t know, Life Day is the Wookiee’s very own midwinter celebration, where Chewie’s people celebrate life, love and harmony. And they’re not alone in the Star Wars galaxy with manly planets having their own festivals and holidays. We visit Coruscant at the time of the High Republic, Alderaan, Tatooine, Endor and, of course, Kashyyyk, checking in on Chewie’s own family at this special time of year.

Yes, the book features Itchy, Malla and Chewbacca’s very own son, Lumpy (although now he’s a grumpy teenager who insists folk call him Waroo!)

If you fancy a sneak peek of one of the stories, then the official Star Wars website has published an extract of a special tale that sees old friends coming together on a battlefield, inspired by the Christmas truce of the First World War.

What is my Life Day wish? That this book becomes part of Star Wars fans Christmas traditions the world over.

Oh, and peace and goodwill for all beings too. Definitely peace and goodwill!


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