Star Wars Jedi Temple Challenge – Watch them all!

Last night, the cast and crew got together for a special online chat to celebrate the end of season one of Star Wars Jedi Temple Challenge.

I cannot explain how much this show has meant to me. The timing just couldn’t have been better. A kid’s show set within the Star Wars universe with a sense of fun and adventure at its heart, made available free to watch for the millions of children stuck at home in lockdown? Yes, yes, yes!

For those who don’t know, I contributed to every episode, writing the stories that droid AD-3 (voiced by the wonderful Mary Holland) tells the hopeful Padawans in round two of the game. The young apprentices have to pay attention as Jedi Master Kelleran Beq (played by Star Wars legend Ahmed Best) is about to ask them a series of questions.

I just want to say thank you to producer Scott Bromley for first asking me to play a part in this wonderful show. When the call came, we were deep in plans for The High Republic, but I couldn’t say no.

And if you haven’t watched the episodes yet, then here’s your chance. All ten are available to watch on the Star Wars Kids Youtube channel (and listed handily below too). Along the way you will meet Jedi, Ewoks, smugglers, spies and droids (and even spot a certain green-eared space rabbit!)


Oh, and the only better than Jedi Temple Challenge?

Jedi Temple Challenge fan art, of course!

Kristin Baver of the official Star Wars website has posted some of her favourites including my personal fave by Liam Brazier (see below). Kristin interviews each of the fan artists, with is a lovely touch too!

Check it out here.

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