Star Wars Celebration roundup and reveals

Star Wars Celebration was incredible! It was so good to be back with the fans, feeling all that energy and love. And the response to Star Wars: The High Republic was staggering.

4,000 people packed the hall for our High Republic panel. 4,000! That was amazing!

You can watch the full live-streamed panel below and read a summary of the reveals over at the official Star Wars website.

We also had an amazing time at the High Republic cosplay meet where I came face-to-face with none-other than Sskeer!

You can check out my Instagram account for more of the costumes, including our winner, plus a certain green-eared Lepi that got in on the action!

There were so many other highlights, including:

And what about the news? Well, here’s a quick run down. Over the four days we revealed or announced:

Kelley Jones’ awesome cover for Star Wars: Tales From the Rancor’s Pit.

The cover of Starlight Stories collecting the Star Wars: The High Republic short stories originally published in Star Wars Insider by myself, Justina Ireland and Charles Soule.

Ario Anidito’s cover to Phase II’s Star Wars: The High Republic #1, coming this October from Marvel.

My next Star Wars: The High Republic novel, Path of Vengeance.

The news that I’m writing the first arc of Marvel’s new Yoda series.

You can find out more about that last one in this interview with me on the Star Wars website.

Phew, that’s a lot and I’m sure I’ve forgotten things along the way! Check back regularly for more on all these projects and to everyone who stopped me at Celebration to say how much they love my work in Star Wars: thank you, thank you, thank you! It means the world!

As I said on Twitter, I didn’t realise how much we needed conventions back until I was in the middle of one. It’s that shot in the arm you receive from all the energy and excitement and creativity. One of the hardest parts of the last few years as a creator as all we’ve had is social networks. That means that the more negative aspects of fandom, the toxicity and the trolls, have been inflated, their voices amplified. In that situation, you start to think that’s normal, the way life is. And then you get to a convention and realise what a small part of fandom it is. Really, really small. Joy and enthusiasm wins out every single time, drowning out all the nonsense. I’m going to hold onto that.

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