Snaffles the Cat Burglar – out now in paperback

SnafflesAfter a morning of churning out 4,000 words of my current novel, I was very pleased to find a parcel on my doormat, especially as it contained my author’s copies of Snaffles the Cat Burglar.

Originally written as one of Fiction Express’ interactive ebooks, where schoolchildren across the country choose the way the plot unfolds, Snaffles is finally released in paperbacks from ReadZone books, complete with that marvellous cover by Hunt Emerson.

Here’s the blurb:

When notorious cat burglar Snaffles and his dim canine sidekick Bonehead are caught red-pawed trying to steal the Sensational Salmon of Sumatra, not everything is what it seems. Their capture leads them on a top-secret mission for the Ministry of Secret Shenanigans.

Snaffles the Cat Burglar is available now from Amazon, and all good booksellers.


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