See me at Bristol-Con 26th September 2015

As always, I’ll be attending Bristol-Con, A.K.A the friendliest convention in the west, nay, the world on 26th September.

The schedule is now published and, if you’re coming (and you should be!), you can see me on the following panel:

7.00 – 7.45pm Reboots
Programme Room 2
There has been a recent surge in TV and film reboots, including Thunderbirds, The Man from UNCLE and The Prisoner. Do modern reboots ever live up to your childhood memories, or is it the first time around for you? And if so, are you tempted to see the originals? What would you like to see rebooted?

At noon, I’ll also be taking part in a special convention recording of Paul Cornell’s podcast, The Cornell Collective. If you haven’t listened to Paul’s podcast yet, please do give it a go. To use the official description: ‘Paul Cornell is joined by a variety of guests from the worlds of science fiction, comics and Doctor Who in this brand new discussion podcast, exclusive to!’

And to use my description: it’s really good fun!

Paul will be chatting with me, Emma Newman (author of the Split World novels and host of Hugo nominated Tea and Jeopardy) and Jaine Fenn (author of the Hidden Empire series). I haven’t details on the room yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

In the meantime, if you’re coming to Bristol-Con, make sure you come and say hi.


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