Roger vs Junk in this week’s Beano

It’s Beano day again! Whoop!

This week sees Roger having to clear the back garden of junk for his lazy ol’ Dad.

Of course, Dad was in last week’s strip as well. As you can see, we’ve decided to go for a very traditional-looking Dad. A while back, all the dads in the Beano had a bit of a makeover to bring them bang up to date and also make ’em a bit younger. Roger’s was no different, but Wayne and me – like the hyper-talented Jamie Smart who wrote and drew the strip before we took over – decided to go old school, bringing back his ‘tash!


Oh, just look at what video game Roger and Dave are playing. I’d love to have a go on that.

Other than Roger, it’s another corker of an issue including a fab waterpistol gag that starts on the front cover and runs through every page of the comic.

Also look out for new strip Gwyneth’s Book of Records by the brilliant Steve Waller. It made me giggle, that one. Here’s the girl in question:


Everyone we know loves the Beano, so get your copy today!



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