Roger the Dodger vs Olive the Cook in this week’s Beano!

This week’s Beano sees me starting my run on Roger the Dodger, with the strip’s new artist – the brilliant Wayne Thompson!

Wayne’s given Roger a fresh new look, which is somehow both modern and traditional at the same time. Have a gander at one of the panels:


In this week’s instalment, Roger decides that the only way to avoid Olive the Cook’s school slop is to shut down the kitchen – although his plan does bug best mate Dave, as you can see.

So far I’ve written 10 Roger scripts, with hopefully more to come. Working with Wayne has been brilliant fun, knocking ideas back and forth. I get excited every time my email bongs, as it might be more pages from his drawing board!

This week’s Beano also sees Dennis continuing his search for Gnasher, Minnie gearing up for a minxing-marathon, Calamity James becoming a superhero and Bananaman in even more trouble thanks to Appleman and Kiwi Fruit Girl.

I’m especially enjoying Dennis’ Secret Library in which the World’s Wildest Books reviews the latest menacing book. This month’s title is How To Eat Fried Worms by Thomas Rockwell. Looks fun. I might have to join the Beano Book Squad to read along too.

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