Roger the Dodger stripped down (or how Beano artist Wayne Thompson produces his ace art!)

Roger goes camping with his Dad this week in The Beano and thanks to m’talented colleague, Mr Wayne Thompson, I can show you the stages the art goes through before it reaches your mitts every Wednesday.

At the beginning of the process Wayne receives my script and starts planning out the page. At this point, he usually sends me a photo of the pencils and I jump up and down like an excited loon.


When, he’s finished with the pencils, Wayne inks the art on paper. Yes, your actual real-life, old-skool, dead tree paper. Isn’t it wonderful!


Next, it’s scanned into the computer for colouring in Photoshop…


… before being whizzed (or is that Billy Whizzed?) to The Beano offices to get the words plonked on. OK, it’s rather more technical than a mere ‘plonk’ and the letterers are also wonderfully talented types, but the word always makes me snigger. I know, I know, I need to grow up.

Roger-camping-1-finish copy

So there you go, that’s how the magic happens!

And there’s plenty more magic in this week’s issue too. I read it to my eldest daughter at bedtime last night and we both got the giggles. Especially over the toaster in the Bash Street Kids. Go and get your copy, NOW!

No, I mean it. Why aren’t you heading towards the newsagent right this minute?

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