Roger helps out in this week’s Beano

Roger’s dad asks for his son’s help in this week’s Beano.


Yeah, like that’s always a good idea!

Originally, it was going to be Roger’s teacher Mr Skinflint who asked for Roger’s assistance, but after a chat with the Beano team we’ve decided to retire old Skinflint. Roger has now moved into Dennis and Minnie’s class at Bash Street, taught by the long-suffering Miss Creecher.

Both Wayne, our wonderful artist, and I love putting little easter eggs  from the Beano‘s past into these strips. This week there’s Billy the Cat, Dodge Cat (complete with his original boy) and even one of the Ratz. But who will be in the next strip?

Well, there isn’t long to wait – plus next week’s issue also features the first of my next run of Bananaman strips, Bananafans!


Oh, and also, well done Beano for this great World Cup gag on the cover! Snigger!


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