Project Twilight podcast plus violence in Doctor Who

Project Twilight BigThe Oncoming Storm podcast had dedicated an episode to discuss Project: Twilight, the first Doctor Who audio Mark and I wrote some 12 years ago.

It’s interesting to hear hosts Josh and Ashley discuss the horror and violence of the story. Looking back, P:T is the grittiest – and grimmest – thing we’ve ever written. Would we do it the same way again? A Doctor Who story where fingers are sadistically snapped and characters are tortured. I doubt we would – and I doubt we’d be allowed anyway.

Doctor Who is now a family show again – and quite rightly too. Back in 2001, Doctor Who was able to be a little more edgy and we were able to push the horror further than before, making the violence a little more realistic. What was importance was the reaction to the violence. As Josh and Ashley notice, we tried hard to make sure that extreme violence drew an extreme emotional response from our heroes, treating it with respect, if you will.

I’m still very proud of Project: Twilight and its legacy, both on our careers and Big Finish’s entire Doctor Who range. It’s great to hear of people discovering it after all this time and that it still sparks debate. I haven’t heard it for years. Perhaps I should dig out the CD!

The podcast certainly made me think. If we were writing Project: Twilight now, how far would we allow ourselves to go?

You can hear the Project: Twilight episode of The Ongoing Storm by visiting their website today. 

Project: Twilight is also available to buy on CD or download from Big Finish Productions.

PS. Josh and Ashley – sparkly vampires? Pah! Ours were the proper Twilight vamps long before Meyer’s lot.

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