Project Nirvana Reviewed

Reviews of Project Nirvana, the latest Doctor Who Companion Chronicle from Mark Wright and yours truly are popping up.

It seems to have gone down well at Sci-Fi Bulletin. Here’s an excerpt:

Cavan Scott and Mark Wright come up trumps once more, returning to their own creation, The Forge – or Department C4, as it’s otherwise known. Lysandra was introduced in the novel Project Valhalla, and this story fills some of the gaps between that and Project Destiny, as well as showing the alternate TARDIS team in action. Sally Morgan comes up against a particularly nasty Forge operative who is quite willing to torture if necessary, and will put the mission’s good ahead of the comfort of any of her colleagues.

Reviewer Paul Simpson gives it a very respectable 8/10. Thanks Paul.

As a quick reminder, today also sees the release of another of my books, this time for younger readers. Skylanders Quiz Quest is a quiz, puzzle and activity book based on the popular games series. It’s on sale now from Sunbird / Penguin. Here’s the blurb:

Think you know your Zook from your Zap and your Spell Punk from your Squiddler? Now’s your chance to prove it with this cracking compendium of Skylanders quizzes and activities. Impress your friends! Impress your enemies! Impress people you’re not really bothered about either way! You get the idea.

Go on, get quizzing!

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