Project: Nirvana out now

Doctor Who – Project: Nirvana by Mark Wright and yours truly came out today. Available to buy on CD and download, the Companion Chronicles stars Maggie O’Neil as Lynsandra Aristedes, Amy Pemberton as Sally Morgan and Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor.

Even though the ‘enhanced audio book’ has only been released for a few hours the first review has already appeared on Gallifreybase. I hope ‘Elden’ doesn’t mind me reproducing it here, as it made me grin from ear to ear:


Fascinating story, genuinely horrific monster, nice bit of timey-wimey with the two Lysandras, chilling performance from Amy while Sally was possessed, arguably the most manipulative Seven has ever been. And a nice touch getting a separate actor for the random soldiers so that it was actually a full cast story rather than a traditional CC.

Best of all I went from hating Aristedes before this story to actually liking her a little and finding her somewhat sympathetic and certainly more interesting.

Simply brilliant.


Thanks for the cracking review. I hope everyone else enjoys it as much.

In other news, I’m a few thousand words from completing my next chapter book from Penguin. Think I’ve tried to pack a bit too much plot into the word count on this one but it should cut back OK.

Once that’s done I’ve got a 7,000 word short story for a universe I’ve never written for before. Slightly daunting, but exciting in equal measures. More on that when I can reveal all!

Lots of words to write before FantasyCon next week…

 STOP PRESS: Just opened the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine – issue 452 to be precise – to find a little interview with me and Mark about Project: Nirvana. Go get your copy now!

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