Out now: Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe

So proud of this one.

Dalek is out today, written by me, George Mann and Justin Richards. It’s a new, in-universe chronicle of the Dalek’s long and twisted history, weaving in continuity from over 50 years of TV, comics, audio dramas, books, computer games, and even collectible cards.

As well as the main text, there are also brand new prose stories by Doctor Who legends Terrance Dicks, Paul Magrs, Mike Tucker and Eric Saward, plus comic strips by yours truly, George and my old mucker, Mark Wright with art by Mike Collins and Kris Carter, and letters by Ian Sharman.

If that wasn’t enough, there are also special behind the scene articles from Nicholas Briggs, David J. Howe and Mark too.

With original illustrations by Alex Fort, it all looks gorgeous.  It’s packed with little easter eggs, some of which I can’t believe we got away with, including a sneaky reference to the Audio Visual fan audios of the 1990s. George and I had great fun getting creative with the captions to the pictures, sneaking in lots of little nods for Doctor Who fans, while also laying down some groundwork for ideas that we’re hoping will come to fruition in other Doctor Who projects to come…

This really was a passion project, and I hope you all love it as much as we do! If not, well, we will exterminate you. Sorry, but the subject matter has rubbed off on us.

Thanks to Albert DePetrillo, Bethany Wright and Tessa Henderson at BBC Books for all their hard work behind the scenes. Don’t forget, if you want a signed copy, George and I will be signing books on Thursday 2nd November at Forbidden Planet London. See you there!

Dalek is available in all good bookshops, including:

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Waterstones | Forbidden Planet

WH SmithFoyles | Books-A-MillionIndieBound

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