Blake’s 7: Shock Troops

I got to listen to Shock Troops this morning, my brand new Blake’s 7 audio, released last week as part of Big Finish Productions’ Crossfire Part 2 boxset.

It also gave me the first chance to see its individual cover by the wonderful Lee Johnson.

Shock Troops a different kind of Blake’s 7 story, pushing the usually faceless Federation Troopers to the fore, looking under the mask to examine what it’s like to be on Servalan’s front line. I’ve always been fascinated by the Troopers who usually end up as cannon-fodder. Do they really believe in the Federation? What do they think of Blake’s rebels? And what do they think of themselves?

And of course, this being Blake’s 7, things don’t go well for anyone.

Here’s the blurb:

As the war between the presidents escalates, new recruits are urgently required. Dayna gains first-hand experience of what life can be like as a Federation trooper as she confronts insurgent forces on a frontier world.

The cast did an amazing job, especially Imogen Church as Trooper Niner and Yasmin Bannerman as Dayna. She’s really made that role her own.

The first reviews have also been very kind. Blogtor Who gave the play 10/10, calling it the ‘sleeper hit of the boxset’. The review continues to say:

Not wanting to spoil any twists, this story just sucks the listener in. It’s the more experimental adventure of this set but it’s not so far off that it would lose anyone. In fact it’s because it skips a lot of the action that this story works so well, it’s personal, but also seems to advance the wider scope of the plot.

You can read the full review of this, and the other stories in the set by heading to Blogtor Who now.

Blake’s 7: Crossfire Part 2 is available on CD and Download from Big Finish Productions.


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