On weddings and pitches

Being a freelancer is a funny old life. You end up writing things you never dreamt of. Take my piece in this month’s Perfect Wedding Magazine, for instance. Who would have thought I would write for a wedding mag anyway, let alone on the subject of why a pre-marriage sex ban is physically bad for you. But, it’s always good writing for a new market, getting yourself out of what annoying management-types insist on calling your ‘comfort zone’. I’ve just submitted a longer piece for them, to be published in June, and am waiting to hear if I’ve hit the nail on the matrimonial head…

Of course, at the moment I’m checking my email every five seconds or so as I’m also waiting to hear back about a Very Exciting Thing™ that I pitched for at the end of last week. It’s looking quite promising, but I’m not trying to count my chickens. OK, I admit it. I’ve counted a few and very fluffy and lovely they are too…

On the subject of pitches, I noticed an interesting tweet from Scott Andrews this morning. He too is pitching for a Very Exciting Thing™ today and offers some good advice. He says:

“For Abaddon I pitched 3 ideas, was asked to expand 2, landed 1. Stargate audio – pitch 3, land 1. Top tip: always pitch 3 ideas for 1 slot. Be prepared – it may be your least favourite, the one you consider a last minute throwaway makeweight, that they think, correctly, is best.”

Some good practice there.

Gah! Just said ‘good practice’. I am an annoying management type. Perhaps I should pitch to some business mags this afternoon…

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