New Judge Dredd novella – Alternative Facts

Grud on a Greenie!

As I revealed yesterday on my email newsletter, one of the projects I’m currently writing is a new Judge Dredd novella set during Joe’s second year on the skeds of Mega-City One.

Alternative Facts is coming out simultaneously on October 5th as an ebook, and part of the Judge Dredd Year Two Omnibus, alongside two of my favourite Dredd authors, Michael Carroll (with The Righteous Man) and Matt Smith (with Down and Out which is just brutal!)

Here’s the cover:

I’m over Luna-1 to be writing Dredd for a fourth time, after For King and Country, my first outing in Mega-City One courtesy of Big Finish in 2004, and my short stories in the Megazine.

I can’t reveal too much about Alternative Facts at the moment, other than it features an early encounter between Dredd and a PSI-Judge. No, not Anderson, as she hasn’t even been born by this point in Dredd’s life.

More drokking details soon…


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