New comic announced – Vikings: Uprising

Some good news from Titan Comics. As revealed exclusively by the Hollywood Reporter, a second Vikings mini-series has been announced, all thanks to the success of Vikings: Godhead.

Vikings: Uprising is set directly after Ragnar’s defeat in Paris as seen in the recent series four mid-season finale, and will focus both on the disgraced King of Kattegat and his former wife, Lagertha, as they face new threats back home.

I’m over the moon to be writing these characters again, and am currently putting the finishing touches to the plot. I’m also pleased to say that Staz Johnson is returning on art duties too. You can now follow Staz on Twitter, where he has been posting some of his amazing work for the first mini-series.

I can’t reveal much more at the moment, but here are the covers as revealed at Hollywood Reporter:

Vikings_Uprising_1_Cover_A Vikings_Uprising_1_Cover_B Vikings_Uprising_1_Cover_C Vikings_Uprising_1_Cover_D Vikings_Uprising_1_Cover_E

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