New Book Day – Lightning Rod Faces the Cyclops Queen

Just a quick note to say that today sees the publication in my, er, I mean, Onk Beakman’s third book in the Skylanders Mask of Power series.

Lightning Rod Faces the Cyclops Queen sees the legendary Storm Titan teaming up with Drobot, Pop Fizz and Double Trouble to save one of their closest friends while also tracking down the mythic Land Whale, the heaviest creature in all of Skylands. The last thing they need is a tyrannical three-eyed Cyclops monarch breathing down their neck.

Besides, a three-eyed Cyclops? That’s just silly, isn’t it?

Here’s the official back-cover blurb:

The greatest Storm Titan of them all is about to make a royal appointment with his biggest challenge yet. Lightning Rod teams up with Drobot, Double Trouble and Pop Fizz to journey to a far-off city where the locals have an eye for trouble!

From the pen of Onk Beakman comes the third tale in the Mask of Power series, based on the characters from the smash hit Skylanders video games.

Published by Puffin Books Lightning Rod Faces the Cyclops Queen is available from all good independent bookshops and the following places online:


Amazon | Waterstones | W.H. Smiths


Kindle | iBooksNook

Now, if you excuse me, I need to crack on with book six!



  1. Cavan Scott, I like your Skylander Novels because they expand on the game’s universe as well as showing characters’ personalities and their relationships with one another( Spyro’s Nightmare in The Machine of Doom caught me way off guard). Furthermore, I’m excited for the Terrafin novel and I can’t wait for the remainder of the books( although I need to find Gill Grunt’s and Lightning Rod’s book in a store. Itunes doesn’t have either one listed yet.)

    By the way, if you wrote a novel based on the storyline of Spyro’s Adventure and Giants; how would you write in the portal master apprentice that returned the Skylanders to Skylands from toy form?

  2. Thanks for your comment Joshua. Glad you’re enjoying the Skylanders novels.

    That’s an interesting question. If we were doing novelisations of the games, I think it would be cool to run a competition to find the world’s biggest Skylanders fan – the prize could be writing them in as the Portal Master who discovers the Skylanders in toy form!

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