New Blake’s 7 audios on the way

Phew! That was a busy week what with new Roger the Dodger and Bananaman scripts for the Beano and the Doctor Who Experience event on Wednesday. I almost forgot to blog the news that hit on Monday from Big Finish.

It’s about volume nine of Blake’s 7: The Liberator Chronicles which comprises another three stories by me and Mark Wright. You can find the news report on the Big Finish website, which contains the exciting news that the boxset sees the return of Tom Chadbon as Del Grant and introduces a shady new character played by Mr David Warner.

I’m so glad to have finally written something for David. I’ve been such a fan of him for so long, probably ever since I first watched Tron! He’s starred in so many things I’ve loved – The Omen, Time Bandits, Star Trek, my favourite Amicus movie From Beyond the Grave –  and has even played Superman’s Dad! Now, he’s Solvin Tavac, a man with a deep-dark secret.

Here’s a pic of me, Mark and our fab cast at the recording of Secrets last month, taken by the director, Lisa Bowerman.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 18.14.28
(From left to right) David Warner, some bloke, Michael Keating, Tom Chadbon and Mark Wright

What? You want more? OK, here’s the short blurb released for the three stories:

Avon orders Tarrant and new crewmember Del Grant to assassinate a Federation figurehead. Has he gone too far this time?

Can Avon and Cally get off Space Station Arcadia before it crashes into the planet below?

With the future of the rebellion in jeopardy, Vila and Grant infiltrate an illegal arms bazaar – but who exactly is Solvin Tavac and what does he want with the crew of the Liberator?

The boxset is out in August and available for pre-order right now!

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