New Adventure Time Comic Collection: Fist-Bump Cavalcade

Oh my glob! The comic strips I wrote for the UK Adventure Time magazine have found their way into this righteous collection – Fist-Bump Cavalcade.


There are three in total, ‘An Eggs-cellent Adventure’ with art by JJ Harrison, ‘Swap or Not’ with art by Zachary Sterling and ‘Don’t Be A Nut, Be A Donut’, with art by Braden Lamb.

FullSizeRender 2It also includes the fantastic ‘Finn and Jake’s Never-Ending Death-Defying Quest’, which was a consequences-type story that ran in the magazine. The idea was that one person would write a chapter that ends with both a crazy cliffhanger and a bizarre title for the next chapter. A new writer would come in and resolve the cliffhanger, moving the story on and doing the same so the process continued from one author to another.

In other words, we tried to stitch each other up as much as possible.

I wrote three of the chapters; chapter 3 – ‘Do Not Touch The Purple Spice’; chapter 7 – ‘Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble’; and chapter 15 – ‘Peppermint Butl-argh’. The other authors in the chain were Tom Williams, David Leach, Richie K. Chandler, Mike Garley, Alex Matthews, Rory McConville and James Fawcett.

If you like Adventure Time, you’ll love this collection, so get the plop out of there and grab your own copy!


Adventure Time: Fist-Bump Cavalcade is available to buy from your favourite comic book stores and booksellers, as well as these online retailers:

Fist-Bump Cavalcade at Forbidden Planet 
Fist-Bump Cavalcade at
Fist-Bump Cavalcade at
Fist-Bump Cavalcade at Foyles
Fist-Bump Cavalcade at Waterstones
Fist-Bump Cavalcade at WH Smith
Fist-Bump Cavalcade at Hive


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