MTV reveal Ninth Doctor issue 1 cover, plus announce series artist Blair Shedd

Last night, MTV exclusively revealed the cover of issue one of Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor, coming from Titan Comics in March.

It’s by the ultra-talented Alice X Zhang and is simply wonderful. Just have a look!


They also revealed that Blair Shedd is this artist of the mini-series, which is titled Weapons of Past Destruction.

Just check out Blair’s amazing portrait of Doctor number nine, as portrayed by Christopher Eccleston.


After the news release, Blair very kindly said on his Twitter feed:


I wish I could show you guys some of the amazing art Blair has come up with for the series so far. It’s very, very cool. I’m having a blast working with him.

In the meantime, you can find out more about the story, including a short synopsis, by heading over to MTV now!




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