Monsters at the Movies

As I shared on Instagram, I made a fab discovery while mooching around at Croome Court second-hand bookshop on Sunday.

I found a book I’d wanted ever since I was a kid…

Just look at that cover. I now need to find out who painted it!

I remember getting this book from Bristol Central Library when I was about nine-years-old and poring over it over and over again until it had to be wrestled out of my hands when the time came to return it.

I hadn’t heard of half the films mentioned back them, and some of the black-and-white photos gave me literal nightmares.

Here’s a little flick through that I posted on instagram.


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Such a great little book! I remember getting this out of the library as a kid. #bookstagram

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I’m half tempted to start a rewatch based on the table of contents…

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