Minnie the Minx tries her luck in this week’s Beano

It’s Beano day! Fancy a quick plug?

Well, here he is guest-starring in this week’s Minnie the Minx, by me and Paul Palmer…

Photo 30-03-2016, 12 45 45

In the penultimate script of my current run, Minnie decides to protect her Dad from bad luck!

Photo 30-03-2016, 12 37 08

Find out what happens next when you pick up the latest issue, which also sees the first in Lew Stringer’s revival of one of my favourite Beano strips, Pup Parade!


It’s also been pointed out to me that I didn’t blog about last week’s Minnie. Shame on me. Needless to say, the strip saw Minnie minxing her poor Dad!

Photo 30-03-2016, 12 53 17

If you missed that one, you can pick it up – with other back issues – on the Digital Beano app!

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