Meet Roger the Dodger’s new teacher in this week’s Beano

Roger goes swimming in this week’s Beano and he’s looking forward to it, until Dave realises that the water’s freezing! Of course, Mr Skinflint, Roger’s new teacher won’t listen. He only ever swims in cold water anyway. It build character and is much cheaper.


That’s Mr Skinflint there, drawn by the ever-brilliant Wayne Thompson. As he works on the strips, Wayne sends me little sneak peeks. Here’s the pencils for the first panel of the story:


and how it ended up:

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 16.34.23

Thanks to Wayne for letting me share that with you! More behind the scenes stuff to come in the week’s ahead. And I can’t wait until you see Wayne’s art on my new Bananaman scripts! Not long now!

Enjoy this week’s Beano!


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